Choosing Upholstery Fabric for Your Furniture

Choosing Upholstery Fabric

If you’re ready to buy (or build) new furniture for your home you should stop for a minute to think about what kind of upholstery fabric you should get. It’s an important decision. It could mean the difference between buying a couch or chair that lasts for years, or for only months. There are many different types of upholstery fabrics, for different uses. This article will help guide you in making your decision.

Silk material is best for formal living rooms and rooms that are more for show. It will not hold up well to regular use and will stain easily. Silk is a difficult material to clean so if you get anything on it, it will probably be there forever. If you have children or pets, do not even consider silk.

Cotton Upholstery
Cotton upholstery is very comfortable but will also stain easily. If you buy cotton fabrics, be sure to have them professionally protected. If you have young kids or animals, this may not be the best fabric for you. If you have kids but still want cotton, choose a darker color which will be harder to stain and will show wear less. Be wary of polished cottons which are almost as troublesome as silk. They look incredible but are not suitable for daily use.

Wool can be more expensive but it holds up very well to wear. If you get wool, be sure to have it professionally protected since it can stain. With proper upholstery care, however, wool will last for decades. It can be extremely durable.

Synthetic Fabrics
This is probably the material for you if you have kids, animals or a very high traffic room. Synthetics may not be quite as soft as cottons but they are much more durable. They are resistant to abrasion and do not stain easily. They may not last you 10 years but they won’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Hopefully this article has given you some information that you can use when you purchase upholstery fabric or your next piece of furniture. Take your time, choose wisely and you will have furniture that you can enjoy for years.

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